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Sentinel Gears 1500 Rounds M4 Midcap Mag BB Speed Loader



Product Details

The Sentinel Gears M4 Midcap BB Speed Loader - Black - 1000 rounds.  Insert any airsoft M4 midcap magazine and wind.  Works with all midcap AEG M4/M16 style magazines.  Holds 1000 rounds.  The best valued airsoft speedloader.  Super easy to use, just insert your magazine (it'll click into place), crank the wheel until it's full (usually a few seconds), and press the mag release.  Insert your next magazine and repeat.  You can fill 10+ M4 magazines to max capacity in less than a minute!

This is a solid speedloader for M4 and M16 style magazines.  Compatible with Odin adapters for other magazine styles. 

Small enough to bring onto the battlefield to load mags in a hurry.  

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