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The BB Ranch

The BB Ranch is a solely airsoft dedicated field located in Homestead Florida. It is powered by Simple Airsoft LLC, your go to airsoft pro shop for all your airsoft needs. 

The BB Ranch is available to rent out for private games/parties on Saturday or Sunday. Click the Birthday Part/Private Event tab for more details. Please call the store to schedule your party at least 2 weeks prior. (786)724-1190 or email

The BB Ranch hosts events. Stay updated with upcoming events by creating an account online, or follow us on all social media platforms @simpleairsoft.

Rentals are available. Rental includes: Rifle with one High capacity mag, vest, and full face mask. Items can be rented individually.  

*You will be playing in natural Florida environment, so please dress accordingly. Dress in clothes that cover your body and don't mind getting dirty in. There will be mud. Additional protective gear is not provided so it is recommended that you wear long pants and long sleeves for more protection. Full seal goggles are required to enter the playing field. Boots are highly recommended. There are wet spots and ditches through out the field. Watch your step. 

All essentials are sold at the field. Including drinks and snacks. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. (NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED)

All guns must be put in a rifle bag or have a muzzle cover. No open muzzles while in staging area. All magazines must be taken out of gun while in staging area. Pistols holstered. 

All weapon types are permitted here as long as you pass chrono and observe the correct minimum engagement distances.

Chrono and Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) Rules

All guns will go through chrono prior to entering the field. .20 gram BB will be used with HOP off. Referees reserve the right to chrono and check rate of fire at any time.

  • Rifleman - 400 FPS - No MED - Semi only   

  • SMG - 300 FPS - 40 ROF - No MED -  Full Auto allowed - Gas and Electric Submachine guns such as the MP7, KRISS Vector, MP5 etc must use pistol caliber magazine

  • LMG - 450 FPS - 60 feet MED - Full Auto allowed - M249, M60, MG36, RPK, PKM, MG42, Krytac LMG/Shrike etc. - Box mag required 

  • DMR - 450 FPS - 60 feet MED - Semi Locked - 12 inch minimum barrel length 

  • Bolt Action - 500 FPS - 100 feet MED 

  • HPA will be allowed - Will be field locked according to the players class. 

  • 40mm grenades are allowed - 10 feet MED

  • Grenades are allowed - 10 foot kill radius - Thunder Bs and EG67 

  • Smokes are allowed.   

  • Pistols must be within the same requirements as the Rifleman Role regarding FPS and Minimum Engagement Distance. If under 300 FPS can use Full Auto. CO2 Pistols will be chrono'ed.   

  • Riot Shields will be allowed                                                                              


When you play at The BB Ranch, you are committing yourself to following the rules below. Airsoft is a sport of honor and everyone playing should conduct themselves to a higher standard in order to make sure we all have a good time. If you break the rules you will be asked to leave the field. 

• I will listen to all staff instructions
• I will call my own hits, play honorably,
and treat others as I would like to be treated
• I will wear impact rated goggles
that are full seal and have a retention strap
*goggles must be Z87 ANSI rated*
• No mesh goggles allowed
• Goggles must remain on while on the field
 • If I am under 18 years old, I will wear a full face mask
• I will abide by the posted chrono limit
 and minimum engagement distances
• Referees reserve the right to chrono
 and check rate of fire at any time
• I will not blind fire
• In staging I will have my magazine out, barrel sock on, safety on,
pistol in holster, and will not dry fire
• I will use white biodegradable BBs only
• All players must attend the game briefing to enter the game
• I will respect the property and pick up all my trash
• I will not climb on, move, or alter any field barricade
• I will not make physical contact or
use profanity with staff or other players
• No alcohol or drugs will be allowed on the premises


There is no physical address. Please follow instructions bellow.  Colonial Rd & SW 336th street Homestead, FL 33033

or 11900 SW 336th st Homestead, FL 33033 

Turnpike exit SW 137th Ave - Left on SW 328th st (N Canal Path) - Right on SW 117th AVE - Right on SW 336th st - Follow the signs from there. Safe Travels. Entrance may be muddy. 

How to get to the Ranch Video

The entrance is an uneven dirt road.

Please bring your ID

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