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Wolverine Airsoft "BOLT M" HPA Conversion Kit for ARES Striker System Airsoft Sniper Rifles

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  • Convert your spring powered ARES STRIKER to an HPA powered bolt-action rifle
  • New fully mechanical system no longer requires a battery to operate
  • Smooth cycle bolt means you no longer have to come off target to get enough leverage to cycle your bolt
Simply perfect performance. Built on the legacy of the original BOLT system, the BOLT M delivers top-level performance.
The new fully mechanical design offers a more convenient and reliable battery-free operation.
Smooth, spring free action makes it easy to keep sights on target, improving speed accuracy of follow-up shots!
Easy installation and quick-change between spring and HPA provided by an innovative air attachment system.

Manufacturer: Wolverine Airsoft


Compatibility: ARES STRIKER systems (See compatibility list)
Material: Aluminum Alloy

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