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Thunder B Airsoft "Thunder Stick" CO2 Simulated Grenade (Package: Handle / 3 Shells)

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Product Details


  • Durable and flexibly polymer construction
  • Durable metal CO2 core
  • Realistic look and functionality
  • Sound level of over 130db
  • Convenient reusable core
Another real breakthrough of the Thunder B sound grenade series!

Introducing the "Thunder Stick" grenade. The "Thunder Stick" does not only generate sound like a traditional Thunder B does but, it also has the same operating method as a real stick type grenade with a pull pin. It can be said that it is the only one on the market. It will provide you with a unique look compared to conventional sound grenades.

Manufacturer: APS Hakkotsu


Package Includes: CO2 Core, Stick Handle, 3x Grenade Heads, Manual
Material: Polymer, Metal

Disclaimer:Please use discretion when using this product. User and all surrounding personnel must have proper gloves / mask and eye protection prior to using Sound Effect Grenade Shells. This product is intended to be a sound maker and is only designed for serious training and simulations. Placing water, BB's and any other objects inside this product can cause serious injury. Buyer / User assumes 100% full responsibility by using this product. By purchasing this item you will have agreed to hold, staff and employees harmless of any injuries, issues, or negative effects resulting from use of this product.

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