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Tenergy 11.1V 1000mAH 20C Split Lipo battery Airsoft AEG Buffer Tube

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Product Details

Li-Polymer (LIPO/Li-PO) batteries are the newest available batteries for airsoft and other hobby toys. They are designed as a light weight and high output power source.
This 11.1v Li-Po battery can deliver more power than 12v Ni-MH large type battery with a significant reduction in size and the number of battery cells.
The Tenergy packs are designed to fit "buffer tube" batteries and will work in most guns that required a stick, crane, or stock nun-chuck battery.

*Note: we recommended to double check the battery pack dimensions with the your gun's battery compartment to make sure it fits.

High capacity: 1000mah
Mini Tamiya connector
Dimension: 101mm x 21mm x 8mm
Weight: 75g
Note: Please read instructions before using!

ONLY use a LiPO Balance Charger for charging this battery.
DO NOT use a NiMH battery charger to charge this battery.
IMPORTANT: NiMH chargers can be included with your RC Car or Heli purchase - do not use it with this LiPO battery.
INSPECT battery pack for damage (puffiness, broken wires, punctures, etc). If damaged DO NOT charge.
**Failure to follow these warnings may result in fire or personal injury.

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