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TAGINN "Paladin" Airsoft Marking Powder Projectile Round

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Product Details


  • Releases Non-toxic and washable powder upon impact
  • Capable of extreme range due to rifled shell (purchased separately)
  • Lightweight design
The Paladin marking projectile from TAGINN airsoft is a true one of a kind product. This non-pyrotechnic projectile is only compatible with the TAGINN rifled shell launching device, giving it the ability to reach out and touch the enemy. Upon contact with any hard surface, the Paladin marking projectile releases a non-toxic and washable powder which marks its location of impact. The Paladin projectile is perfect for long range shots or those times in which you feel like the opposing force may not be calling their hits.

Manufacturer: TAGINN

Color: Black / Blue


Compatibility: Compatible TAGINN Shell launching device and MK2 Casings
Material: Polymer

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