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The Nucleus Chest Rig (NCR) is one of the smallest, most versatile micro chest rig systems available in the airsoft and tactical world. It is a modular, adjustable, padded chest rig designed specifically shaped to upper torso for increased comfort and ventilation. The contours are shaped to fit your form, with padded, air-mesh material to maximize breathability during use. An integrated air-channel allows air to flow in and out of the chest and sternum area allowing for maximum heat dissipation.

Multiple load-out options are encouraged via Quikstrip™ function. The Quikstrip™ is Molle ready and attaches directly to the Nucleus Base via hook&loop velcro. When the Quikstrip™ is removed, a 9″x 4″ loop velcro section provides an area for you to apply your favorite morale patches, allowing for personalization and customization. The Nucleus Chest Rig is also 100% compatible with our Proton Mag Pouches and was designed as a supplement to our Molle-Cule™ Belt System.

A water-proof, seamless zipper pocket allows the user to stow away personal items. Quick-release straps and removable buckles allow for full customization of strap orientation, giving the user the ability to wear the NCR in a variety of ways.

The Nucleus Chest Rig is a base system with modular accessories to come in the near future.

The Nucleus Chest Rig Includes:
1- Nucleus Chest Rig Base
1- Nucleus Chest Quikstrip™
3- Adjustable 1″ Straps

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