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Simple Custom Built M4 DSG Rifle

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This ain't your ordinary airsoft gun. So, all we're going to say is HIDE YOUR KIDS!!!!!

All jokes aside we built this AEG from the ground up. Far from your normal M4 airsoft rifle and geared for the competitive speedsoft or fast paced CQB player. This baby is wicked fast. Ripping a full 40 rounds per second on full auto with a super light weight trigger response. This AEG was born to rip. Built to perfection every upgraded part was put in place with performance and reliability in mind. Its not only about how fast you shoot but weather you can hit your target. That's why we threw in a prometheus barrel equipped with our signature flathop. Giving you assertiveness knowing you can hit your target down range with precise accuracy. 

Build List:

  • Prometheus Tight Bore Barrel 208mm
  • Flathop
  • Grizzly Mosfet
  • Grizzly ETU
  • Double Sector Gear
  • Full Steel Rack Piston
  • Lightweight Piston Head
  • JG Blue High Torque Motor
  • Aluminum O-Ring Nozzle
  • Shimmed & Angle of Engagement Corrected
  • Radius Gearbox
  • G&G Keymod 12" Rail

Custom Goodness:

  • Simple Custom DMR wood Stock
  • Simple Custom Trigger


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