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Rocket Airsoft SHS Reinforced Polymer Full Steel 14.5 Tooth Piston



Product Details

This is an SHS 14.5-tooth full metal rack piston. The body material is glass-fiber reinforced nylon and the teeth are steel. The nylon material has superior wear resistance and can endure much more prolonged stress than polycarbonate Pistons.

The rear tooth is reduced to half its original height. This can correct AOE on some gearboxes, but others may require more material to be removed.

We also offer an option where we reinforced the rack by using Gorilla Glue. Great for your DSG, DMR, or any high stress build. We stand by these 100%. We have installed over 500 units into high stress builds and not one has failed. 

Weight: 15.67g
Length: 67.13mm
Width (excluding rails): 18.9mm
Total Width (including rails): 21.65mm
Height (inlcuding main teeth): 20.6mm
Height (just body): 19.2mm
Height (pickup tooth & body -- the tallest area of the piston): 21.3mm

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