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Rocket Airsoft SHS Reinforced Polymer Full Steel 14 Tooth Piston



Product Details

SHS Piston 14 Carbon Steel Teeth Blue - High Speed

SHS pistons are famous for their durability, reliability, and their ability to outperform all other pistons as such an affordable price. These pistons are used in some of the highest end custom built rifles, and also used by industry leading techs all over the world.

We also offer an option were we have reinforced the rack by using Fiber Reinforced Epoxy. Great for your DSG, DMR, or any high stress build. We stand by these 100%. We have installed over 200 units into high stress builds and not one has failed. 

This is a pre-lightened (also known as "Swiss-cheesed") piston perfect for anyone running a high speed setup.

The idea behind lightening the piston is to prevent "pre-engagement", which occurs when the sector gear engages the piston before it returns to resting position. If pre-engagement occurs it will severely damage the piston and can also damage cheaper gear teeth.

This piston also has a tooth removed which can potentially correct AoE in some gearboxes, although the last tooth may need to be slightly dremeled down in others.

(please note: packaging may be generic, "Lancer Tactical", or labeled as 'Rocket Airsoft', but is made by SHS OEM)

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