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The PTS ZEV Technologies OZ9 Elite GBB pistol is the gas blowback airsoft pistol that faithfully replicates the appearance and many of the innovative features of the actual Zev Technologies OZ9 pistol.
Introducing the PTS ZEV OZ9 Standard, a remarkable airsoft pistol that combines reliability and performance with a range of unique features. Designed as an alternative to the Ultra version, the Standard model offers distinct advantages to enhance your airsoft experience.
The first notable difference lies in the material and production method. The Standard version utilizes a robust aluminum alloy diecast construction, ensuring durability without compromising on performance. This choice of material provides a solid foundation for the pistol, allowing it to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay.
In response to the growing demand for customization options, the PTS ZEV OZ9 Standard is Suppressor and tracer ready. The outer barrel features a 14mm CCW thread, making it compatible with a variety of attachments. This allows you to easily equip a suppressor or tracer unit, adding versatility and an extra touch of realism to your airsoft sessions.
Enhancing user comfort and adaptability, the Standard version features an adjustable trigger system. With the ability to choose between long or short stroke settings, you can fine-tune the trigger pull to suit your personal shooting style and preference. This customization option ensures optimal control and responsiveness, enhancing your overall performance on the field.
Internally, the PTS ZEV OZ9 Standard incorporates several upgrades to improve reliability and feeding. The piston base has undergone a comprehensive redesign, incorporating cutting-edge engineering to minimize the occurrence of BB jams. The nozzle itself has been significantly enlarged and optimized to provide a smoother trajectory for the BBs, further reducing the chances of disruptions during firing. To complement these improvements, a hard and durable nozzle spring has been integrated, guaranteeing consistent and smooth BB feeding shot after shot. These enhancements contribute to a more reliable and uninterrupted shooting experience.
While the Standard version offers these unique features, it shares many similarities with its ultra counterpart. You can still expect a comfortable grip, ergonomic design, and exceptional build quality. The compatibility with various ZEV and TM parts remains, opening up a world of customization possibilities to suit your preferences.
Whether you're a dedicated airsoft enthusiast or a recreational player seeking a reliable sidearm, the PTS ZEV OZ9 Standard delivers on all fronts. With its durable construction, Suppressor and tracer readiness, adjustable trigger, and improved internal components, this pistol is a reliable companion for your airsoft adventures.

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