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Introducing the PTS SideArm Magazine Series (SAM), a line of airsoft pistol magazines designed for various gas blowback airsoft gun models. Available in regular Gas Blowback (GBB) and CO2 versions, our focus is on delivering reliable and durable products.  With our expertise in production with featuring PTS signature design elements, you can trust that the SAM series magazines are built to withstand the demands of intense airsoft gameplay.  Elevate your airsoft experience with the PTS SideArm Magazine Series, the choice for reliable and durable magazines.

PTS SideArm Magazine 1911 Style

Introducing the PTS SideArm Magazine (SAM) for the 1911 style, a high-quality gas blowback (GBB) magazine designed for use with the Tokyo Marui 1911 style airsoft pistol. Engineered to enhance performance and reliability, this 24-round magazine is a must-have for any airsoft enthusiast.
One of the standout features of the SAM 1911 magazine is its copper valve, which ensures excellent temperature distribution. This valve design contributes to stable gas flow, resulting in increased gas efficiency and minimized gas loss. With each gas-filled magazine, you can expect up to 24 shots, providing a consistent and satisfying gameplay experience.
The SAM 1911 magazine also comes with a preinstalled PTS Magazine Basepad 1911. This specially designed base pad is engineered to mitigate shock and impact, providing added durability to your magazine. It ensures your magazine can withstand the rigors of intense airsoft battles without compromising performance.
Compatible with the Tokyo Marui 1911, this magazine is a reliable and essential addition to your airsoft gear. Whether you're engaging in competitive matches or realistic training scenarios, the PTS SideArm Magazine for the 1911 style delivers the performance and durability you need.

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