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Prometheus Reinforced Wide Use EG Gear Set for Airsoft AEGs (Type: High Speed / Ratio 13:1)



Product Details


  • Heavy duty steel gears
  • Precision CNC machined construction
  • Heat treated for improved strength and durability
  • For use with a wide variety of Airsoft gearboxes and brands.
The Prometheus Wide Use Gears 13:1/18:1 Gearsets are rated for Japanese velocity limits, 330 FPS/98m/s/1 joule. These gearsets are not tested on higher stress setups and therefore are not recommended for such. Please refer to the Prometheus EG Hard Gear series instead for higher stress builds.

Manufacturer: Prometheus


Package Includes: Spur Gear, Sector Gear, Bevel Gear, Shim set
Materials: Steel, Metal Alloy
Gear Set Type: High Speed, 13:1 ratio
Spring: Recommended M100 and Under
Application: V.2, V.3, and all gearboxes that use standard type AEG Gears. (M4, AK, MP5, G36, P90 and other compatible AEG models.)
Production Type: CNC Machining

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