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Predator MKIII Tracer Unit (W/Bifrost Module)

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Product Details

Name:	Predator MKIII Tracer Unit (W/Bifrost Module)
Brand:	Acetech
Material:	Aluminum
Compatibility:	Raider Predator MKIII Thor
Length (inches):	139.3 mm
Diameter:	42 mm
Weight (lbs oz):	9 oz
Package Includes:	Predator MKIII, Quick Detach Flash Hider (M14-), Bifrost M, USB Type-C, Charging Cable, Tracer Unit Protection Case, User manual

  • 11 different modes available for multi-color flame function, including mono flame, RGB multi-layer mode, bifrost mode
  • Highly-durable aluminum alloy construction.
  • Intelligent Power Control.
  • Suitable for standard airsoft, green tracer, and gel BBs.
  • Predator MKIII with QD design
  • Inner space of Predator MKIII is 30mm D x 54mm L
  • IP64 dirt and water resistant rating
  • Two tracer modes available - standard.sniper modes
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