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Operation Jungle Warefare


Rifle Class

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 Operation Jungle Warfare will be held at the BB Ranch on May 6, 2023 from 10AM to 7PM with a capacity of 100 players aged 16 and above. This is a family friendly event.  Please bring your photo ID for registration. Refreshments will be available for purchase, although you may bring your own food and drinks (alcohol not permitted). There will be a food truck on site.

No refunds will be provided; all sales are final.

Your ticket includes: general admission, 1 raffle ticket, Simple Airsoft sticker 

Extra raffle tickets can be purchased the day of the event for $5 each.  

All weapons must be stored in bags or have muzzle covers, magazines must be out and pistols holstered at all times in the staging area.

All weapon types are allowed, so long as they pass chrono and observe the specified Minimum Engagement Distances (MED). When you sign up you will need to choose a class. Rifleman, SMG, DMR, Bolt Action Sniper, or LMG Gunner. Only 2 DMR's, 2 Snipers, 2 LMG's per team. 

All guns will go through chrono prior to entering the field. .32 gram BB will be used with HOP off. Referees reserve the right to chrono and check rate of fire at any time.

Rifle: Any rifle under 1.55 joules. SEMI only
1.55 joules
.32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG
0ft MED

SMG:Full Auto allowed - Gas and Electric Submachine guns such as the MP7, KRISS Vector, MP5 etc. must use pistol caliber magazine
1.00 joules
.32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG
0ft MED

Pistol: If under 1.00 joule, can use Full Auto. CO2 Pistols will be chrono'ed.  
1.55 joules
.32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG
0ft MED

Support / LMG: Limited 2 per team. Full Auto allowed - M249, M60, MG36, RPK, PKM, MG42, Krytac LMG/Shrike etc. - Box mag required
1.86 joules
.32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG
75ft MED

DMR: Limited 2 per team. Semi Locked - 12 inch minimum barrel length 
2.1 joules
.32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG
75ft MED

Bolt Action Sniper: Limited 2 per team.
3.6 joules
.32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and SPRING
100ft MED

Joule limits for events are hard and non-negotiable, ZERO EXEMPTIONS.

Medic Rules: Medics will need a medic patch. Each team will be assigned medics. Medics can “Revive you” once you’ve been hit. Once hit place dead rag over your head. Dead man do not speak, you can only say medic once you are down. You must stay put until a medic can get to you and wrap your arm with an ACE bandage or tourniquet (Please keep 2 on your KIT). Players can be dragged into safety by other team mates to be revived by medic. Once you have been revived 2 times the third time you are hit you must go back and respawn in your team's base.

Bleed out: If you have been hit and cannot be reached by a medic in 5 minutes you have bled out. Meaning you must walk back and respawn in your team's base.

Safety kills: are allowed with rubber knives/ melee weapons. You must physically touch the opponent with this item to count as a HIT.

NO BANG RULE. Do not call bang on players if your too close. They do not have to honor it and you could be shot back. NO MED/ Minimum engagement distance for Rifleman, CQB/ SMG. All other classes will need to have a secondary such as a pistol/melee weapon if someone comes within the minimum engagement distance. 

Event Requirements: Dead Rags are a requirement and will be enforced. Any RED rag will do, must be at least 12”x12”. (2) Tourniquet/ Ace bandages will be required. Goggles must be Z87 ANSI rated with full seal. BIO BBs ONLY! There will be BIO BBs AVAILABLE AT THE FIELD!!.

Gear Color does not matter; although head gear does matter, it must match your team colors. Your clothes under your gear must be your team colors as well.  Boots are highly recommended. 

Civilian Team: Approved colors are Black, Blue, Grey, Flannel, Hawaiian. Pants must be one of these colors as well. NO SHORTS ALLOWED.  

Camo Team: Approved colors are M81 Woodland, Multicam, Tiger stripe, AOR1, AOR2, basically any camo pattern that is not Black, Blue, Grey will be allowed. Pants must be one of these colors as well. NO SHORTS ALLOWED. 

There is no physical address. Please follow instructions bellow. Colonial Rd & SW 336th street Homestead, FL 33033
or 11900 SW 336th st Homestead, FL 33033
Turnpike exit SW 137th Ave - Left on SW 328th st (N Canal Path) - Right on SW 117th AVE - Right on SW 336th st - Follow the signs from there. Safe Travels. Entrance may be muddy.
Video on how to get to the field.
The entrance is an uneven dirt road. Please drive carefully.
Please bring your ID

Event Schedule

9AM - Doors open

10AM - Registration/Chrono (Please bring your photo ID)

11:30AM - Game Rules and Safety Briefing

12PM - Game 1 Starts

2PM - Game Ends

2pm - 3:30 - Break/Lunch

3:30PM - Game Rules and Safety Briefing 

4PM - Game 2 starts

6:15PM - Game Ends

6;30PM - 7 - Announce winner and Raffles


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