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Noveske Force 35X198mm Airsoft Mock Silencer 14mm Negative Thread (Black)



Product Details

Noveske Force Airsoft Mock Silencer 14mm Negative Thread (Black) has a metal construction that is durable and light enough to not add too much weight toward the front of the airsoft gun. This unit has 14mm counter clockwise threading that you can easily attach onto most airsoft guns. The mock suppressor does not silence any noise coming from the airsoft gun, but it does add onto the appearance of your weapon. Equip this airsoft silencer to help cover up an extended inner barrel or if you simply want to give your set up a new look.

Manufacturer: Dream Army
Model: AC-542B 35X198mm Noveske Force Airsoft Silencer
Color: Black
Package Includes: Mock Suppressor


  • 14mm Counter Clockwise Threading
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Extends Barrel

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