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MEC Hop Up Rubber 2Pk (for TM MWS/HiCapa, Sig M17/M18, Elite Force Glock GBB



Product Details

The precision molded MEC Hop Up Rubber has a slightly narrower inner diameter at the entrance and extra coverage for the top of the barrel open cut area for vastly improved air sealing. Internally, it provides two equal pressure point of contacts with the bb resulting more effective range and more stable accuracy.
The MEC Hop Up Rubbers are compatible with Tokyo Marui MWS AR-15 Series, Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3/5.1, Tokyo Marui 1911, and VFC made Elite Force/Umarex Glock Series and Sig Sauer P320 M17 and M18.
Two (2) hop up rubbers are included. The black one (60 degree) is suitable for use in cool/cold weather. The purple one (70 degree) is suitable for use with heavier weight bb’s.

 Increase effective range
 Better air sealing
 Stable flying path

 Color – Black / Purple
 Product Weight – 1g (each) / 3g (with packaging)
 Product Size – 1.6 cm x 1 cm
 Material – Rubber
 Hardness – Black (60 degree) / Purple (70 degree)
 FPS Compatibility: 295-390 FPS (60 degree) / 360-460 FPS (70 degree)
 Compatibility – Tokyo Marui MWS AR-15, Hi-Capa, 1911 series; Umarex by VFC Glock Series and SIG P320 M17/M18

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