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Matrix Tactical Gear Single Point Bungee Rifle Sling (Color: Black)



Product Details

Matrix Tactical Gear Single Point Bungee Rifle Sling (Color: Black)


  • Lightweight ballistic nylon w/ elastic bungee construction
  • Quick detach design allows weapon to be unslung with minimal effort
  • Snap hook clasp is easy to manipulate single handed even with gloves on
  • Allows for your primary weapon to be positioned in an accessible, yet out of the way fashion for quick transition to a sidearm
  • Swivel clasp prevents your sling from becoming tangled during movement
  • Suitable for all rifles that have a sling swivel or hook as well as for use with SMG / PDW / SBR style weapons

The one point bungee sling keeps your weapon within reach and provides the perfect balance. The flex and stretch provided by the bungee cord allows greater flexibility regardless of your situation. The bungee sling allows quick movement and transaction between your primary and side arm. It's simplicity and usefulness make it one of the most popular slings among shooters all over the world.

Material: Nylon, Elastic, Metal Alloy

Manufacturer: Matrix Tactical Gear


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