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Matrix "PLUG" Muzzle Protection Keychain w/ 14mm Flash Hider Set

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  • PLUG protection device conveniently threads into the frontside of the PLUG Flash Hider
  • Included PLUG Flash Hider fits all 14mm Airsoft guns (available in both Negative and Positive thread directions)
  • Great for added protection and safety, compliant with many fields that ask for a barrel plugs on the end of your rifle
  • The PLUG doubles as a keychain to show off your own personal touch on your keyring or gear!
  • PLUG and PLUG Flash Hider are both precision machined from aluminum with a wear-resistant anodized finish
  • PLUG comes coated in a bright orange anodized finish for added safety and visibility
  • Patent Pending
The Matrix PLUG is a revolutionary new way to safely and securely block your Airsoft gun's muzzle. Great for use in any situation where extra safety is needed, the PLUG device simply threads into the frontside of the compatible PLUG Flash Hider. When installed, the PLUG effectively blocks the pathway of BBs making it perfect for use when off the field and as a way to mark stored guns as "safe".

The Matrix PLUG also doubles a cool keychain. A keyring comes pre-installed, which not only helps with installing and removal as a barrel plug but is a super convenient way to attach the PLUG to your keys, carabiner, or tactical gear. Attach any one of your favorite 14mm flash hiders to make a fun and unique collectible that can set your keys and gear apart from the rest!

All Matrix PLUG's and PLUG Flash Hiders are precision machined from aluminum, with a wear-resistant anodized coating and are available in both 14mm Negative, and 14mm Positive thread directions to accommodate all types of Airsoft guns.

Manufacturer: Matrix

Color: Orange


Flash Hider Style: Muzzle
Threads: 14mm Negative
Material: Aluminum

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