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Matrix Lipoly / LiIon Battery Smart Charger + BMS Unit (Standard / Universal Type)

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  • Built-in balance. Batteries are automatically balanced during charging, ensuring full charge
  • Automatic constant voltage, constant current and trickle charging
  • Automatically terminate charging process when input voltage is lower that 8V or higher than 17V
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Over-Charge and Over-Current protection
  • Light weight and attractive case
  • Applicable for Li-ion, LiPo and LiFePO4 battery packs
  • Charging current = 1A
For Lipoly Battery with standard BMS charging plug (XH 4-Pin & 3-Pin Charging Connector.)
No more $100 LIPO balance chargers that prevent you from going with LIPO/LiFeP04 batteries!
This full featured 7.4v & 11.1v LIPO/LiFePO4 Balance charger is an amazing value. VERY popular for smaller capacity (mAh) Airsoft and other custom battery packs. Power Supply already included. Ready to charge your LIPO/LiFePO4 packs right out of the package. Also supports large capacity (mAh) packs, but will require a longer time to be fully charged.

The charger is a smart charger. Plug and play / easy to use. The light will turn green when its fully charged and red when its charging.
Always monitor your battery charging and charge your lipoly battery only on non-flammable surface.
Average charging time depends on how much power is left inside the battery and battery capacity. (1500mah is around 30 minute to a hour).


Applicable Battery Types: LiPo,Li-ion, and LiFePO4
Battery Count: 2~3 cells
Input Voltage: DC 10~16V, 1.5A
Charging Current: 1A
Balancing Current: 50mA
Balancing Precision: 25mA
Output Connector: 3 pin and 4 pin JST Connector
Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS

  • Red: Charging
  • Green: Fully Charged and Balanced
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