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Matrix Level-1 Child Size Plate Carrier (Color: Black)

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  • Heard-wearing ballistic nylon material stands up to abuse with remarkable longevity
  • Double-buckle cummerbund for the best adjustability for smaller weekend warriors
  • Integrated double magazine pouch holds 2 M4 style or similar sized magazines
  • Measures to ~9.5" x ~7"
  • MOLLE webbing on front and back for attachment of modular pouches and accessories
  • Adjustable skeletonized shoulder straps provide lightweight comfort
  • Loop segment on front of vest for morale patches, nametape, ID markers, etc
  • Communications wire and hyropack tube holders integrated onto the side of the shoulder pads
The Matrix Level-1 series of vests is a new family of low profile plate carriers that takes many of the popular design cues of the best selling vests on the market and makes them more efficient and user friendly. Designed to fit smaller weekend warriors who want to look as cool as their big brother or dad, the Level-1 is small and compact, however is compatible with a wide variety of pouches and hydration carriers.

On the front plate bag is a double magazine pouch that has come to be expected on most low profile plate carriers as well as additional MOLLE webbing for easy addition of more pouches. Where the Level-1 differs from other vests is in the cummerbund. Where most low profile plate carriers use a hook and loop skeletonized cummerbund, the Level-1 utilizes a double-buckle design that offers the user easier donning and doffing, as well as a wider range of individual sizing adjustments. The Level-1 is a low profile all in one plate carrier solution at a price point any player can afford, and now available for the junior airsoft enthusiast.

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