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MadBull 60 Degree Shark Bucking With Fishbone Spacer (Color: Black / Clear)

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  • Three fin design reduces double feeding as well as improves hop up contact
  • Improves compression and in turn a possible FPS increase
  • Fishbone style spacers improve contact over standard spacer design

Color: Black / Clear

The Shark Hopup Bucking from Mad Bull was originally designed to prevent double feeding by incorporating 3 fins inside the bucking to aid in securing the BB. The design also improves compression which in turn improves both consistency and in some cases FPS. The 3 fin design paired with the "Fishbone" style spacer also improves the surface area which contacts the BB. This in turn improves both consistency as well as the range of hop up adjustability.

Material: Rubber / Silicone
Package Includes: Two buckings, two Fishbone spacers

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