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Hunterseeker Armory Original Airsoft R-Hop kit (3-Pack)

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Product Details

The R-hop is the best accuracy upgrade you can have in airsoft. It replaces your traditional hopup mound with an extended contact patch. It features a plethora of benefits. It improves your range, accuracy, use of heavy bbs, consistency, grouping, durability, backspin, airseal, and more. The r-hop is currently the only way to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and range in airsoft. Overall, this offers the airsofter a higher performing airsoft gun. You will be able to hit your targets more often, reach farther, and efficiently use heavy bbs.


  • rearward bb contact creating highly consistent chambering unlike standard AEG hops, most other hop systems, and most so called "flat hop" systems.
  • concavity which centers the bb in the barrel and improves spin velocity consistency and spin axis consistency.
  • extended contact, more than any other chamber based hop system in existence, tolerates bb imperfections in bb lubricity and diameter. The Wobble Hypothesis also addresses a possible mechanism as to how the R-hop appears to magically increase actual range, not just effective range, for some users.
  • superior materials and precision production (specs are +\- fractions of a millimeter ease installation, in the case of the R-hop fight bio bb residue contamination, and in the case of the ice variants tolerate extreme cold weather. The genuine R-hop is backed by thousands of hours of testing and subject to incessant CQI (constant quality improvement) to assure the highest functionality for end line users.
  • extreme long life. A challenge was issued years ago for a worn-out R-hop. Nobody was able to claim the price. HSA's own testing was unable to find a limit.
  • separtion of friction component from airseal component. Many hopups which seal very well do not apply backspin well and vice versa. The problem is especially acute in high power setups with hard hop rubbers and heavy ammo. This divorces the two of each other allowing previously unattainable levels of accuracy particularly in high power long range guns.

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