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Ghost Collection DSG Krytac "Chefs Special"



Product Details

This Custom 1 of 1 Creation is us collaborating with a good friend, Mr. GooGone. The Paint job done on this Krytac is a work of art. Internally it is just a fitting, a prototype DSG built gearbox is at the heart of this beast. 

  • Krtac PDW-M Base Gun
  • Ghost Collection Walnut Wood Stock
  • Gate Titan
  • ASG Boost 30K Motor
  • Shimmed on 8MM Prometheus Bearings
  • Epoxied Piston
  • M120 Spring
  • SHS Aluminum Nozzle
  • Ghost Collection Adjustable HALO Trigger
  • Lambda 6.01 Barrel (247mm)
  • PTS Mec Bucking
  • Ghost Collection Real Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel
  • Multi Reticle Sight

This gun was built to be an machine only pulling 17 Amps. This gun was built to only run a 7.4v lipo. But will achieve around 30 rps.

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