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GE / JG M4 SOPMOD RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle with Rail Covers w/ Battery and Charger

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The Golden Eagle (JG) M4 SOPMOD is a phenomenal new gun from JG. Forget the JG you think you know, they've turned over a new leaf and have broken into the market for high quality airsoft guns. This gun features JG's great enhanced gearbox, which is pre upgraded with a full metal spring guide, 8mm metal bearings, reinforced gears, and a high torque motor. The exterior of this M4 is solid! The barrel and rail system does not wobble at all despite the multipiece construction. The RIS hand guards are full metal and provide a firm foundation for mounting accessories. Finally the crane stock is very well made, it houses the battery to hide the wires and allows the user to adjust the the gun to their preferred length. When in use the gearbox sounds like a well oiled machine, smooth as silk.

Manufacturer: JG
Gearbox Type: Type 2
Muzzle Velocity: 390-400 fps
Magazine Capacity: 350 rounds
Battery Connector: Small
Package Includes: Manual, Magazine, Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod

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