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Dream Army Airsoft H-Hopup Set (2 PCS) for Airsoft Rifle or Pistol

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Dream Army H-Hopup Set (2 PCS) for Airsoft Rifle or Pistol 

These 'H' shaped nubs replace your stock basic nub. The special shape is more concave and creates a much better uniform contact with the BB, providing a more consistent hop with a flatter BB trajectory. These H-Nubs really do work, one of the nubs is for accuracy the other is for range. Both nubs yield great shooting results. The H-Hop is best to be used with softer nubs. You may of course shave the inner mounds of the bucking and rotate it 90 Degrees like you would on an R-Hop and Flat Hop.

2 H-nubs included (Colors may vary)

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