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Simple Airsoft X Ghost Flat Hop Nub for AEG Maxx Model Hop up


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Simple Airsoft X Ghost Flat Hop Nub for AEG Maxx Model Hop up

After 15+ Years of Technical experience we have tested various materials for "Flat Hop" Nubs. From Aluminum, to sorbothane pads, and the ever so popular M Nub. While these options will work we have found our own rubber material that stands above the rest. The Ghost Nub. We CNC cut these nubs to be Precise. We have tested the following:

  • Maxx Model Hop Unit
  • M4A 
  • M4W
  • MXW
  • M4P
  • M4i

Upon our testing we have achieved more accuracy and more range with a heavier BB. Upon doing this mod we believe you should use minimum of a .28 Gram BB to really see the gains. You can easily hop a .40 Gram BB with efficiency for you DMR guys. We found the best paired Bucking to be the Atlas Flat Hop Bucking which is an option to Purchase. Or you can use your existing Bucking but will have to remove the mound inside.

This is a Drop In nub.

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