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Colt Licensed High Grade Precision Airsoft Tracer BBs (Weight: 0.28g / 1kg / Green)

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  • Precision manufactured with smooth polished finish (5.95mm +/- 0.01)
  • Perfectly spherical and smooth with no seams or surface imperfections
  • High precision BBs maintain and can even improve the accuracy and performance of your Airsoft gun
  • Comes in a high quality resealable bag, measured out in 1kg quantities
  • Bright green glow for easy shot tracking, looks awesome at night! (tracer unit required, sold separately)

Manufacturer: Cybergun, Licensed by Colt


Weight: 0.28g
Diameter: 5.95 0.01mm
Color: White (Green Glow)
Quantity: 1kg (3500 rounds)

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