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Angel Custom PBS-1 Tracer-Compatible Mock Suppressor for Airsoft Rifles (Threads: 14mm Negative)

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  • Lightweight, compact design; made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Inner compartment perfectly sized for AT2000 tracer unit insert; simply drop in and you're ready to roll
  • 14mm negative (CCW) threads fits any and all Airsoft weapons with the proper threading
  • One-piece locking collar easily clocks on any rifle with AK style locking detent
  • Matte black anodized finish
  • Laser engraved "Spetsnaz" Cyrillic lettering
  • Knurled exterior texture
The Angel Custom PBS Mock Suppressor is a great way to add an aggressive look to your Airsoft rifle. The unit is compatible with the AceTech AT2000 tracer unit, simply drop in and you're ready to go! The PBS Mock Suppressor is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, and finished with a matte black anodization making it very durable and resistant to minor scratches & scuffs.

The locking collar at the backside is designed specially for AK style locking detents, however this mock suppressor will fit on ALL Airsoft guns with 14mm CCW threads.

Manufacturer: Angel Custom


Dimensions: 36mm x 147mm
Compatibility: 14mm negative / 14mm counter-clock-wise Airsoft threaded outer barrels
Material: Aluminum alloy

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