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AceTech Brighter CS Tracer Unit M14 CCW

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Product Details

  • Manufacturer: AceTech
  • Burst Speed: Up to 35 RPS
  • Thread Direction: M14 Female CCW Thread w/ M14 CCW to M11 CW Adapter
  • BB Compatibility: Supports green tracer BBs and water BBs
  • Product Dimensions: 77mm Length, 28mm Diameter
  • Color: Black
  • The world's first patented design without a switch, simply shake it to power on
  • IP64 protection, enjoy the shooting experience in either sunny or rainy days
  • Supports both green luminous BBs and gel BBs, perfectly fits all airsoft night games
  • Compact and weighs only 32 grams, easy to carry and occupies no space
  • It can be used as a tracer unit, and or be put into a silencer
  • Built-in lithium battery that supplies up to 20,000 luminous shots per charge
  • Supports up to 35 RPS burst speeds, brighter than ordinary tracers
Package Includes: 1x Tracer, 1x Charging Cable, 1x Adapter

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