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Simple Airsoft Custom "Lone Ranger" Hi-Capa GBB pistol

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This pistol brings to life the motto "one riot, one ranger" and with this unique piece a riot is what will happen when you pull this out of your holster. This fearsome cowboy is made from ultra high end parts from airsoft masterpiece, 5KU, and PDI. we started with a Tokyo Marui 5.1 and threw in a Airsoft Masterpiece custom CNC grip, Edge aluminum slide and trigger, 5KU outer barrel, and a Custom PDI inner barrel (6.01).  That's not all, fiber optic front sight with Edge aluminum housing and Edge nozzle mean this cowboy is quick on the trigger with its in house tuned short stroke kit and fine tuned trigger. We also package this with a TLR flashlight with blue light filter and a hard case to boot.

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