Nylon ONE-POINT Bungee Rifle Sling / O Shape (TAN)

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This is a high quality single point sling It's a multi-band tactical single point sling with quick detach and disconnect metal hook adapter for rapid access. One Point elastic bungee design allows even distribution of gun weight on your shoulder. 
Made with high quality stitched nylon straps, heavy gauge steel clasp, durable one-piece ABS plastic adjustment loops.
Swivel trigger snap allows the sling to be unhooked quickly and easily from the rifle.
Adjustable length, max length is 52 inch ( about 130cm ); The width is 3.8cm.
Only weights 3.5 oz ( about 100g ).
Versatile, can be used as strap, lanyard, safety rope, etc...

Package Included:
1 x Single Point Sling

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