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Lancer Tactical LT-02-G2 MK18 MOD 0 AEG AIRSOFT RIFLE

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The Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR MK18 is a very impressive piece of craftsmanship. Not only does it come with a very modest price tag, but it provides incredible value for each dollar spent on it. The body of the M4 is constructed out of nylon polymer, which makes it lightweight enough to carry around the field for hours without becoming fatigued. The CQBR also features a quad RIS unit that provides a solid mounting surface for accessories like vertical grips, flashlights, lasers or PEQ boxes, cameras, and more. On the rear, there is a fully adjustable crane stock that can be set to operate the rifle more comfortably.

Internally, the Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR MK18 AEG is even more impressive. The standard version 2 gearbox features a full metal construction, with metal bushings and an innovative metal sector gear clip to ensure that the gun cycles correctly. It also comes standard with a ball bearing spring guide to reduce the tension on the spring as it cycles. The lightweight polymer piston features pre-corrected angle of engagement. The piston head is ported, and a one-piece hop up unit all matches together perfectly with the gearbox to ensure that the Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR MK18 fires as smoothly and reliably as possible.

Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
Model: MK18 MOD 0 Gen 2 M4 AEG Airsoft Rifle
Muzzle Velocity: 370-390 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 300 rds
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Vertical Grip, Battery, Charger


  • Nylon Polymer Construction
  • Quad RIS Handguard
  • Full Metal Ver. 2 Gearbox
  • 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel
  • Quick Change Spring
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Skirmish-ready

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