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Glock 17 Gas Airsoft Pistol VFC (Gen 5 - Full Blowback)

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The airsoft Glock 17 Gas GEN 5 Full Blowback Pistol!  Fully licensed by Elite Force the Glock has all the patented features of the real thing, but in 6mm airsoft version.  This is the GEN 5 edition of the full frame Glock 17 - newest version.  Green gas, propane, and red gas compatible.  Uses its own unique Glock 17 magazine, holds 24 rounds.  Fully adjustable hopup system. Uses all standard Glock 17 holsters, accessories, and gear. VFC OEM.

The Quality Control and manufacturer have gone to great lengths to make a very high quality gun for airsoft.  Highly recommended.

This is the police model that we recommend for training.  Can fit in Safariland holsters with some minor non-permanent modifications (loosen + bottom bracket removed).

FPS is around 300 w/.2

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